Zero Mile Stone Monument

Nagpur has an option to brag about the Zero Mile Stone monument which signifies it as a monument locating the geographical centre of colonial India. Nagpur provides an array of tourist hotspots and destinations to visit and experience the unique attractions.


Deekshabhoomi is a sacred monument of Buddhism at the place where the architect of the Indian Constitution, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, went back to Buddhism with his about 600,000 followers on 14 October 1956. Ambedkar's return to Buddhism is an important matter for many in India.

Tekdi Ganesh Temple

Located at a mere distance of 3-5kms from Nagpur railway station, this temple is one of the oldest around in city and the most visited one. Crowded during the chathurthi for obvious reasons, this Ganesh temple is visited large on a daily basis by its devotees.

Swaminarayan Temple

Swaminarayan temples showcase a number of beautiful shrines to bow to and this one is no less. The Swaminarayan temple located in Wathora, is fairly new compared to the other famous temples around Nagpur but let that not deceive you as it one of the most frequently visited temples by its devotees.

    Raman Science Center

    An interactive science centre well known in Nagpur for its innovative concept and planetarium. With a meagre entry fees and something unique, this place is a stress buster for our science buffs.

    Sitabuldi Fort

    Situated at a mere walking distance from the Nagpur railway station, Sitabuldi fort is one fine site located atop a hillock. Remembered for its historical significance and better known as “Battle of Sitabuldi” in 1817 between the Marathas and the East India Company.

    Dragon Palace Temple

    Dragon palace also known as lotus temple is another Buddhist temple which is deemed as one of the biggest tourist attraction in Nagpur. Located 18 kms from Nagpur Railway station in kamptee, this beautiful temple is one visit that you cannot miss out on.

    Nagardhan Fort

    Nagardhan fort is located 40 kms from Nagpur railway station and is located in a small named Nagardhan. Fought and battered about this fort still holds strong enough to tell the stories of its violent or peaceful pasts. The fort showcases its underground rooms as its uniqueness.

      Ramtek Gardh Temple

      Ramtek temple, located 40 kms away from Nagpur is an exquisite beauty expressed through its design and carvings. Beautiful at sight and picturesquely located, Ramtek temple can surely make you wow at first sight.