Nagpur hotelier Sanjay Gupta donates Rs 21 lakh on his 50th birthday

Nagpur businessman Sanjay Gupta, who owns Hotel The Nagpur Ashok situated at Aath Rasta Square in the city, donated Rs 21 lakh collectively to different social organisations (working towards betterment of orphans and poor) to celebrate his 50th birthday on December 29. Present during the occasion were Nagpur Mayor Sandeep Joshi, MLC Anil Sole, Zonal DCP Rahul Maknikar, Zonal DCP Vivek Masal among other prominent Nagpurians.

The organisations which benefited from the donation made by Sanjay Gupta include: Shree Shraddhanand Anathalaya, Adivasi Phase Pardhi Sudhar Samiti (cheque received by Matin Bhosle), Yogyahasi Mandal, Deendayal Thali organization, Amrapali Utkarsh Sangh (cheque received by Ram Ingole), Maharashtra Arya Vaishya Samaj, Mahalaxmi Mandir Koradi, Liosn Club, MJF Fund, Telangkhedi Hanuman Mandir, Shri Poddareshwar Ram Mandir, Ram Rasoi of Radhakrishna Hospital, Narayan Kutumb Sanstha, among other organisations.

Interestingly, Gupta, over the years, has spent Rs 10 lakh per year towards betterment of 30 employees without deducting employee share. Gupta also plans to make provisions for his employees for strong retirement and pension benefits. Speaking to Nation Next, Gupta said, “If God has made me capable of helping others, I will help people when I can. I plan to donate a substantial amount each year on my birthday.”

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